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Recurring Deposits!

The smart and hassle-free way to steadily build your wealth. It's a disciplined savings option that guarantees consistent growth without the need for a lump sum investment, making it accessible to all. Join us today to experience the transparency, security, and tailored benefits of our RD scheme, and step towards a brighter financial future!

Unlocked Potentials!

You can choose the monthly deposit and scheme duration when you start an RD account. Your selected amount is automatically deducted and invested in the RD each month. Contributions earn competitive interest.

Our RDs provide the benefit of disciplined savings by requiring you to make regular deposits, thereby ensuring that your savings grow consistently. In addition, there is no need for a single sum investment, making it accessible to all.

Recurring Benefits

Systematic savings for steady growth.

Flexible deposit amounts to suit your budget.

Competitive interest rates on your deposits.

Opt for short or long-term deposit tenures.

RD Regular Scheme

Making Every Penny Count Towards Your Dreams

Watch your savings flourish with our RD Regular Scheme, offering an impressive ROI ranging from 8% to 12%.

Embrace disciplined savings and the power of compounding with our transparent and safe RD Regular Scheme.

Account Opening


RD contributions can be set up monthly. Long-term growth is guaranteed by competitive interest rates.

Compounding with RD


Our RD Regular Scheme provides disciplined savings and compounding. Investing ensures a bright financial future.

Save Better


Our scheme is transparent and tailored to your needs. An RD plan can help you save for a down payment or retirement.

Benefit Yourself


Invest in your future today! Get the benefits of our RD Regular Scheme's exceptional returns and benefits.

RD Lakhpath Scheme

Turn your financial vision into reality with our RD Lakhpath Scheme

Effortlessly save a fixed amount each month and witness your wealth grow steadily, inching closer to the milestone of 1 Lakh.

Let the power of compounding work wonders on your savings when you open an RD account with us today.

RD Fortune Builder

Start Small, Earn Big, Secure
Your Future with RD

Open an RD account

Choose a monthly deposit that fits your budget. Contribute regularly to your RD, and each payment earns interest.

Compounding Power

Compound your savings and watch them grow. Wealth can be accumulated over time with disciplined savings.

RD Maturity Scheme

Take advantage of our RD Maturity Scheme. The easiest, most secure, and most rewarding way to accumulate wealth.

Golden RD Scheme!

Take the path of secure future

You can enjoy the highest Return on Investment (ROI) by investing in our Golden RD Scheme over flexible periods of 5 years, 10 years, and 15 years.

To ensure your financial future, this highly reliable investment plan offers consistent returns and regular deposits. With ease and financial security, you can watch your savings grow.

Financial X-Factor!

Make your wealth finds the
true worth

5 Years Tenure

With the 5-year Golden RD, your savings will grow significantly. At maturity, you'll find competitive interest rates.

10 Years Tenure

Invest in our 10-year Golden RD. The consistency of saving leads to substantial growth, securing your future.

15 Years Tenure

Golden RD offers the highest ROI potential. Compound interest rewards disciplined savings for this extended period.

Samruddi Yojana RD Scheme!

Redefine the possibility of Money Harmony

We're introducing the Samruddhi Yojana RD Scheme, a carefully crafted financial plan that empowers parents to build a solid foundation for their kids.

It's tailor-made to meet diverse financial needs with attractive returns and a choice of tenures of (5) five years, (10) ten years, and (15) fifteen years.

Finance Flow (or) Proven Approach

Precision in Motion Illuminating the
Finance Pathway

5 Years Tenure

The 5-year program will help you build a solid financial foundation. This scheme offers substantial growth and ROI.

10 Years Tenure

With our 10-year "Samruddhi Yojana", you can secure your child's education. Grow your child's savings.

15 Years Tenure

Samruddhi Yojana offers the highest ROI potential. The growth will be remarkable, ensuring your child's financial stability.